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fishiconFishing In Bronte Creek


Please refer to the Ontario Fishing Regulations for complete details on fishing seasons, catch and keep limits and licenses.


Obtain a fishing license by:   


A. YES. Canadian residents 18-64 years of age must have an Ontario fishing license (Outdoors Card) and fishing licence tag with you when you are fishing. You need to buy your Outdoors Card before you can buy a licence tag. Children and youth must fish with a licensed angler. There are exceptions, please click here to see official regulations.

A. Zone 16 of the new fishing regulations.

Overview of Zone 16 (THIS IS ONLY A GUIDELINE)

Fish Season Limit
Bass 4th Saturday in June – Nov 30

S-6; C-2

Perch Open all year

S-50; C-25

Crappie Open all year

S-30; C-10

Sun Fish Open all year

S-50; C-25

Brook Trout* 4th Saturday in April until Sept 30

S-5; C-2

Brown Trout* 4th Saturday in April until Dec 31

S-5; C-2

Rainbow Trout* 4th Saturday in April until Dec 31

S-2; C-1

Atlantic Salmon* Closed all year


Pacific Salmon* 4th Saturday in April until Dec 31

S-5; C-2

Channel Catfish Open all year

S-12; C-6

  * aggregate limit for these species


A. The salmon will start to enter the creek and make their way up stream when the weather turns colder in October or November. Usually takes a few steady days of rain to get them moving. Chinook Salmon is the most common species of salmon and the largest. There are some Coho Salmon but they are rare. Atlantic salmon have been stocked but still rare.

A. The trout enter the creek late winter and early spring. They spawn and then leave the creek. On years where there is unusually rainy and cool weather, Rainbow Trout have been known to stay in the creek until mid-June. Newly hatched trout will stay in the stream for one year before heading to the lake.

A. The bass enter the creek late spring and early summer. They spawn and then leave the creek. Some bass stay in the creek all year depending on water levels.

A. The safest way to get to the creek from within the park is to enter via 1219 Burloak Drive (exit 109 off the QEW). Pay for your daily vehicle permit. A pay and display machine is available, have a credit card or coins.

  • Option 1 middle of park – Parking lot A. Park and walk toward Tyrrell B picnic shelter, look in the tall grass behind the shelter to find the “fisherman’s” path that will switchback down to the creek (approximately 1.5km from parking lot to creek).
  • Option 2 lower end of park – Parking lot F. Following Half Moon Valley Trail. Walk the trail keeping to your right, once you are in the lower valley keep to your left –the creek is 100m in front of you. (approximately 2 km from parking lot to creek). PLEASE NOTE: Parking Lot F is closed during winter months and re-opens in the spring.


Ontario Fishing: If you are a visitor to Ontario or live here and are becoming more interested in the vast fishing opportunities that are available in Ontario, we suggest you check out these excellent fishing resource web sites:

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