Friends of Bronte Creek Park

Completed Projects

15-23 Maple Lane Cleanup

15-20 Tyrill House Basement Cleanup

15-05 Seminars for Friends Volunteers

15-27 Spruce Lane Fence

15-11 Earth Day

15-71 Planting and Care of Pumpkins

15-28 Refurbish Play Tractors

15-08 Victorian Tea Party

15-58 Fanning Mill

15-31 British Car Show

15-34 Interpret at Spruce Lane Farmhouse

15-43 Park and Trail Cleanup

Current Projects

Current Volunteer Opportunities

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We're forming a group of interested volunteers who would want to get together once or twice a month to work on craft projects, exchange ideas and have a good time.  Currently meetings are set for the first and third Mondays of the month starting in April of this year.

We will be replacing the roof on the water trough in the horse paddock. Two volunteers are required. Weather permitting this activity is scheduled for October.

We're fixing up the turkey hut. This project is in two parts. We have already completed  work on the ground around the hut to improve drainage and make it more even. Then in October we plan to replace the roof on the hut. Volunteers are needed for both of these activities!

A team is required to weed the strawberry patch from May 3 until harvest time at the end of June. We then need to harvest the strawberries. Really no limit on the number of volunteers. If we have more help we can expand the size of the patch.

We will then require volunteers to make jams during some of the park special events such as Spring Time on the Farm and the Fall Festival. Two volunteers will be required for each day that we demonstrate the making of preserves. We have also scheduled August 22 -23 to finish off preserves of any remaing fruit.

On October 18 we have a day plannned to straw the strawberries for the winter!

Construction of a short connective trail on the campground side to run from the amphitheatre to the Forest and Fields trail.

Involves cutting path through the field, laying down wood chips and construction of small bridge over a boggy portion.

Would require a team of 6-8 volunteers. Has been delayed until the spring of 2017.


We want to restore to working order an antique farm cart that used to be at Spruce Lane Farm. This project will involve replacing rotton boards and rusted brackets and then painting the cart so that it can re returned to Spruce Lane Farm where visitors will use it for photo opportunities.

A new initiative for the Friends this year will to be to plant bulbs in the garden to grow spring flowers. The flowers would then be harvested in the spring for either sale or decorations at Spring Festival. We have planned October 4th as planting day.

The following second tier priority activities are also ongoing and volunteers are welcome.

One volunteer required each Saturday, Sunday or Holiday Monday to help present the natural history of the park by interpreting the displays at the Nature Centre. There would be a NHE staff member present as well.

Opportunity exists for volunteers to create and mend period specific costume pieces to enhance the visitor experience at the park. We supply the materials but seamstress / tailors required to produce the costumes. Work can be done offsite or in the basement workroom of Spruce Lane at a time convenient to the volunteer!

Major Festivals

The Friends support the parks major festivals by providing volunteers and activities to enhance the visitor experience. There is some effort and cost involved in costuming and training volunteers for the festivals so we ask for a minimum of three days commitment to participate in either of the major festivals.

The Maple Festival runs every weekend in March plus the entire week of March break (about 15 days in total). For each day the friends are looking for approximately 5 volunteers to fulfil the following functions: 1 volunteer is required as a greeter in photography to welcome people into the candy shanty, help them to understand what Victorian photos is about and (hopefully!) help them get in and out of costume. 1 volunteer is required for trail watch, tending the maple fires and interpreting for those visitors who are not part of the guided tours. 3 volunteers are required to run the cross cut saw demonstration station to help youngsters use the saw and to brand their souvenir disks. We are also considering adding an additional station and this may require another two volunteers.

A celebration of the fall harvest on September 24th and 25th from 9:30 - 4:30. We will need a minimum of 28 volunteers over the two days of the festival. This friends run festival will feature pumpkin carving, wagon rides, jam making, cross cut saw demonstrations as well as tours of Spruce Lane Farmhouse.

Following volunteers are needed:

2 interpreters for Spruce Lane Farmhouse

2 volunteers for the cross cut saw demonstrations

1 volunteer for the tractor rides

2 volunteers at Breckon shelter for crafts and pumpkin carving

2 volunteers in the summer kitchen selling cider and apple blossoms

2 volunteers in the candy shanty making jams

1-2 volunteers selling corn and hot dogs

If you're able to help out please click on the button and sign up!

The Victorian Christmas Festival operates every weekend in December as well as the two days before Christmas. Three or four Friends volunteers are required each day. Two or three will be in the summer kitchen preparing and selling cookies and cider. One person is required to help interpret in the farmhouse and / or in the Victorian photo area depending on staffing and the number of visitors

Funding Opprotunities

Some of our projects are too complex or require specialized skill sets so we can not make use of volunteers and must rely on donations to fund and implement. The following list of projects are those where we see a need for funding.

The friends have embarked on a campaign to raise $50,000 to construct an amphitheatre on the campground side of the park. The park interpretive staff use the amphitheatre frequently throughout the camping season. The current facility is very basic and lacks the seating capacity required. This project will construct a stage and a small building to permit staff to do presentations. It includes new raised seating for participants and, in the event of inclement weather, will also provide a covered shelter area where participants can get out of the rain! Please give generously to support this project and help improve the park.

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The park is in desperate need of a building where educational and interpretive activities can take place. The Friends have embarked on a project to raise funds for the construction of an education centre that caan provide year round space for interpretive activities. We are working with the park to raise funds to allow design and construction to proceed. Estimated cost of this project is $200,000 so please give generously to help us impove Bronte Creek Park.

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