Friends of Bronte Creek Park 



Friends of Bronte Creek Park 


Program - Expert at your Service

Expert at your Service 


We are not experts in everything, but we do know a thing or two about some really cool subjects. Have an Ontario Parks staff member come to your school to be an expert in your classroom. Discuss with our staff the many ways students can benefit from connecting with a community partner.

Some examples of opportunities where our experts can enhance your lesson:

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We are not experts on all subjects but here are a few area’s we can help;

·       Species at Risk

·       Biodiversity

·       Habitats

·       Plants and Animals

·       Watershed ecology

·       Winter animal tracks

·       Mapping and compass use

·       Outdoor recreation skills

·       Astronomy

·       Geology and soil science

·       Early settler history

·       Early farming practices

If there is a topic you think we can help with but you don’t see listed, please contact us to see if we can be the expert you need.

Duration: variable based on needs of school

Capacity: variable based on needs of school

Price: FREE*

What to expect: Staff will work with you to fit the needs of your lesson for this program.

This program is well suited for any space that fits the needs of class size and topic


*prices are subject to change