Friends of Bronte Creek Park 



Friends of Bronte Creek Park 


Kindergarten Program (in-park)

Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten program gives students an opportunity to learn about some of the cool things that make Bronte Creek special. Groups will participate in 2 fun filled programs; Staying Alive and Games and Toys, have time in our Playbarn and meet our farm animals.

Duration: 2 hours

Capacity: 1 class; up to 30 students

Location: Nature Centre - parking lot C

Available: May - June  


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Staying Alive

This program is all about inspiring curiosity and getting kids moving! Students will learn about differences between living and non-living things and discover the five things all living things need to survive. Using demonstrations, costumes, puppets and activities the instructor will also introduce the children to some survival strategies used by animals in the park. The program ends with a tour of the Nature Centre's live animal displays and hands-on activities.




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Games and Toys

Before the time of video games and theme parks, kids found ways to have lots of fun! During this program, students learn about what it would be like to be a kid on the farm a hundred years ago. Activities include action stories and hands-on playtime with some Victorian toys.