Friends of Bronte Creek Park 



Friends of Bronte Creek Park 


Grade 6/7 Programs (in-park)

Grade 6/7


forest management


Forest Stewardship

Nature Program

Humans make choices that can have an impact on biodiversity. Have your students take part in some forest stewardship training where hands on learning is done in the forest. Learn about some of the tools and techniques used to determine the health of a forest ecosystems, assist with monitoring efforts for invasive species, and participate in ecosystem restoration through the removal of garlic mustard along one of our trails. Students are sure to gain an appreciation for the work done to maintain forest health through experiencing it first hand on this hike.


Duration: 90 minutes

Capacity: 1 class; up to 30 students

Location: Breckon Shelter - parking lot F

Available: September – October and May - June