Friends of Bronte Creek Park 



Friends of Bronte Creek Park 


Whole School (in-park)

Whole School - large groups


Nature Centre


Nature Arcade

MIX and MATCH program options from our Nature Arcade below to fit your large group's needs. Fees for this program are based on the number of options your group picks and the time-span you book them for (half-day or a full-day option available).

- Groups will need to organize their own schedule for visiting the different options they choose - suggestions for how to do this can be provided.
- Each station can take a maximum of 30 students at a time with adult supervision - if no adult is present with a group students they will not be allowed to participate.


Nature Arcade options:
1. Nature Centre - Live animals and hands on displays for groups to explore
2. Playbarn - Large barn with climbing structure inside (up to 10 years of age)
3. Raccoon Nature Game - how do raccoons find food activity
4. Spider Nature Game - can you build a spider web
5. Barn Swallow Nature Game - nest building and flight activity
6. Tall Grass Prairie Adventure Zone - explore the Tall Grass Prairie to see what makes it so special
7. Milkweed Seed Ball maker station - students get their hands dirty making seed balls to keep or plant at the park

*Additional options for specific topics available upon request


nature games


Duration: Flexible from 10:00am to 2:30pm

Capacity: Intended for groups of 120+ students - school wide visits

Location: Children's Farm area - parking lot C

Available: September – October and May - June


 *Many self-guided options for groups are available around the Children's farm to further enhance your groups booking at no additional charge - live farm animals, hiking trails, Gnome Road, and playgrounds. Please speak with your booking coordinator for more information about these options.